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Janet Thomson SRCh; MChS; HCPC; M. BMAS

Senior Podiatrist & Proprietor


Speciality Areas:


General Podiatry, Nail Surgery, Biomechanical Assessments & Podiatric Acupunture.




State Registered Chiropodist

State Registered Nurse

Health and Care Professions Council Registration Number CH07992

Certificate in Podiatric Acupuncture





Updated March 2015


Janet first trained as a State Registered Nurse at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, qualifying in 1978. During her time there as a Staff Nurse she developed a keen interest in medicine and health related issues, leading to a desire to pursue her special interest in feet.


Janet enthusiastically completed the three year full-time course at Durham School of Podiatry, winning the Footman Prize for the “Best Qualifying Student” of her year. She then worked for the NHS at Friarsgate Medical Centre in Winchester, liaising with other health care professionals and seeing a broad mix of patients from the very young to the very old.


Marriage and children interrupted Janet’s NHS career and private practice at Manor Croft began in 1983. Starting in a small way it was possible to combine family and career, gradually developing one as the other demanded less attention.


Now working with other degree qualified podiatrists, including her daughter Jenny, Janet enjoys the dynamic atmosphere, being able to share her knowledge and differing approaches with the younger team members. Following a personal interest Janet has recently added podiatric acupuncture as an additional therapy skill.





Jennifer Thomson  BSc(hons) MChS HCPC

Senior Podiatrist


Speciality Areas:


General Podiatry, Nail Surgery, Biomechanical Assessments, Cycling / Sports Biomechanical Advantage & Podiatric Acupuncture.




BSc(hons) 2.1 in Podiatry

Health and Care Professions Council - Registration Number CH31341

Certificate in Podiatric Acupuncture





Updated March 2015


Jenny studied at the University of Southampton, and graduated with a 2.1 degree in podiatry in 2008. She is a member of the Health and Care Professions Council, and is recognised by most major insurance companies.


Jenny has been practising at Manor Croft Clinic since qualifying. She enjoys the diversity of new people she meets, and the satisfaction of solving their problems. Jenny has a wealth of experience in podiatric biomechanics and is qualified to use local anaesthetics for nail surgery.


During her time at Manor Croft, Jenny has spent numerous hours updating and attending courses. These range from diabetes to neurology, acupuncture and biomechanics. Jenny also travels the length and breadth of the country to attend the annual podiatry conference. This attracts international speakers and gives an excellent choice of topics. Jenny finds it refreshing to come back to work with fresh knowledge and skills.


Jenny is a very keen mountain biker. In  2014 and 2015 she has gained sponsorship with Mountain Trax in Wokingham, and is training for the national series. Her interest in cycling has inspired a research project in cycling biomechanics. Jenny hopes to present her findings at the 2015 podiatry conference.





Lucy Austin  BSc(hons) MChS HCPC



Speciality Areas:


General Podiatry, Biomechanical Assessments, Wound Care Specialist, Nail Surgery.




BSc(hons) First Class 

Health and Care Professions Council - Registration Number CH33508




Updated March 2015


Lucy studied at the University of Southampton, where she graduated with a first class honours degree in podiatry in 2014. Throughout her degree Lucy devised research and audits as well as developing her practical skills on placements within a diverse range of hospitals. Since then Lucy has continued to expand on her skills though attending training courses, society branch meetings and self study.


Lucy has been practicing at the Manor Croft Clinic since qualifying. Here she enjoys the friendly environment and people she meets. She is particularly interested in the biomechanical aspects and enjoys discussing and sharing this interest with her colleagues.

Lucy also works at an NHS Podiatry clinic in Andover hospital where she continues to develop her skills in nail surgery, high risk cases and podiatric wound care.

In addition to her work Lucy is an active volunteer for the British Red Cross and Festival Medical Services. She is shortly aiming to achieve her Institute of Health and Care Development Ambulance qualification which will allow her to volunteer as part of an ambulance crew. This is something she finds very rewarding and has been fuelled by her motivation to care for the public, in alliance with other health professions.




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